Thursday, May 30, 2013

HD Lion Wallpapers Pictures of Lions

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Twenty-four-year-old Dianna Hanson of Seattle died after a 350-pound (160-kilogram) lion named Cous Cous escaped a smaller pen and attacked Hanson as she was cleaning its main enclosure, according to CNN. Hanson reportedly died quickly of a broken neck, and the lion inflicted other injuries after death. The Fresno County sheriff deputy shot and killed the lion in an effort to stop the attack, but it was too late, according to news reports. (Also see "Pittsburgh Zoo Tragedy: Why Did African Wild Dogs Attack Boy?")

We asked two leading big cat experts to weigh in on the tragedy: Craig Packer, a 2012 National Geographic Waitt grantee and ecologist at the University of Minnesota; and conservation scientist Luke Dollar, grant-program director of the National Geographic Society's Big Cats Initiative.

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