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Mother's Day 2013 Wallpapers

Mother's Day celebration is actually different for each country. As in Indonesia, for example Mother's Day would be celebrated every year, on December 22. As for the few countries in the world, like the United States and 75 other countries, such as Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy and so do the warnings Mother's Day or Mother's Day on Sunday the second week of every month of May.

Mother's Day 2013 Wallpapers
Mother's Day 2013 Wallpapers

For Mother's Day celebrations for the country's 75th celebrated on this day, which is Sunday, May 12, 2013. Although Mother's Day celebrations in Indonesia for the year 2013 is still a long time, which is precisely on 22 December, then there is no harm in also we follow the celebration of Mother's Day, followed by the 75 countries in the world which is celebrated today. Thus, on this occasion Karo Cyber ​​blog will try to publish a variety of congratulations Mother's Day 2013 and is intended to mark the celebration of Mother's Day in 2013.

Mother's Day celebrations

"Mother's Day Greeting 2013"

Here is a range of settings congratulations Mother's Day 2013 that friends can be further modified to send to your beloved mother.
mother's day 2013

Wonders in life, is born from the womb.
A woman who gave us love and sacrifice.
Happy Mother's Day!

I want to take a chance on this day, to say thank you
For all that you have done for my life: Thank you Mom! And wish you a Very Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day quotes

Mom, you've seen me laugh
You also never see me cry
And you were always there with me
I may not always say this
But thank you for everything and I love you
Happy Mother's Day.

Mothers Day Postcard

Mothers Day Postcard

Tomorrow is very important in our lives.
Tomorrow is only for that person.
Who sacrificed his life, his happiness
and the whole time just for us.
Do you know what tomorrow ..?
Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
You must pray for your mother.
You have to tell her "I love you mom,
Without you I'm a nobody, never even existed.

Mother and daughter portrait taken during Mother's Day

Mother and daughter portrait taken during Mother's Day

No silk is so soft like a mother's caress,
No most comfortable place than a mother's lap,
Nothing is more beautiful than flowers smile,
There was no way that was so flowery as that imprinted with your footsteps.
You are the reason why I was there.

Boxed Clever Mothers Day

When you feel alone in a crowd,
If you think that 1 person who can understand you,
When your love is rejected by others,
Your life & when you hate yourself,
Pejamka your eyes, & see, her face who loves you
more than others,
are always concerned in loneliness,
And suffer when knowing you cry.
She is the mother.
Love her, today and always.

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